Leave The
Thinking To Us.

With a view from both sides of the aisle, we know the process in and out.

Our Mandate

At Mackay Gatt Law, your recovery is important to us. We will listen to you and fight for what you deserve.

Recovering from an injury is stressful. We can help you from the beginning and take care of everything for you during the claims process. At Mackay Gatt, you can leave the thinking to us.


Your Fearless Advocates

Meet Sharon Mackay

At Mackay Gatt, making the justice system easier to navigate is our priority. We are committed to ensuring that accident victims and their families know their rights and there’s a level playing field when dealing with insurance companies.

Sharon Mackay, founder of Mackay Gatt, has been practicing civil litigation for nearly 20 years. Having represented both accident victims and insurance companies, Sharon brings a wealth of knowledge and clear perspective when it comes to personal injuries, insurance claims, and civil litigation.

As a boutique law firm, you have our attention. We‘ll meet with you to talk about your situation and let you know at the beginning whether or not we think you have a case.